Friday, May 11, 2007

LLRX All New

Law Library Resources Exchange has updated its website. The best of the old site, like the Court Rules Forms and Dockets database remains the same but the new site is now part of an open source content management system, Drupal, providing enhanced layout, navigation and usability. The new LLRX also provides more options for accessing many of the source materials that are hallmarks of the site. This is accomplished via drop down menus that appear on the top navigation bar, topical navigation choices that consistently appear on the far right hand side of each page, and by employing the new Google Custom Search so that readers may query for content on LLRX and beSpacific (the author, Sabrina Pacifici's blog on law and technology news), or for results from the legal web. Also, a "printer friendly" option has been added to make it easier to read articles once you have printed them.

Authors may submit an article directly to Ms. Pacifici at time.

Source: beSpacific

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