Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Filling Justice Souter's Seat

Filling Justice Souter's seat will be one of President Obama's biggest tasks, early in his Presidency. The following resources will enable you to follow the developments as they happen.

The Ninth Justice Blog: Provides news and analysis on the search to fill the Supreme Court Seat. You can also follow on Twitter at

Blogrunner's Supreme Court Topic Page: This site collects the most recent and influential stories and blog posts on the topic.

The New York Times Supreme Court Page, is another excellent resourse for information on the happenings at the United States Supreme Court.

For an excellent research guide on Supreme Court Nominations and the nomination process, I recommend the one created by the staff at the Georgetown University Law Library.

As always, SCOTUS Blog, will provide continuing coverage of the nomination process and all other Supreme Court related happenings.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A new Database to Search Journals Online

Check out Jurn if you are looking for scholarly journals on the internet. Jurn searches 2,374 scholarly / intellectual ejournals in the arts & humanities. JURN indexes ejournals that are either free, or offer some substantial free content. You can use it just like Google. JURN is running on a Google Custom Search so it is speedy, and you can use all the usual Google search modifers, such as intitle:”your phrase” and filetype:pdf. There is also a Firefox plug-in and an RSS feed.

The entire list of available resources is available on the site or in PDF format here.

Source: The Centered Librarian

Monday, May 11, 2009

LexisNexis ASPIRE Program

If you are a new associate and your firm has deferred your employment you may be interested in the LexisNexis ASPIRE program.

You may qualify for this program if you have accepted Associate positions at law firms, but 1) are experiencing a deferred fall 2009 start date, and 2) are taking on public interest work during their deferral period.

The LexisNexis’ ASPIRE Program offers:

Free access to a LexisNexis menu consisting of federal and state case-law, codes, regulations and law reviews. The Martindale-Hubbell Career Center which provides access to non-profit interest and pro-bono job opportunities. Online training and materials to be better equipped for public interest work. Non-profit companies can post job opportunities for free on the site.

ASPIRE Program details. Qualifying students can register here.

Source: Law Librarian Blog