Monday, June 30, 2008

Student Lounge in Law Library

The library has responded to numerous requests for student community space. In collaboration with the Student Bar Association, we have re-purposed our under utilized large student lab into a lounge space for students. The furniture in the space has been "borrowed" from the Berman Lounge. The library staff and the SBA would love to hear furniture suggestions that would best suit the purpose of this new space. There are still 3 computers in the student lounge intended for email viewing, printing and web surfing.

The small computer lab is still available for student work space. It is equipped with 2 MACs and 2 PCs. In addition, the computer located on the 2nd floor of the library is now a student use only machine to provide another quite place to work in the library. Please also note that all 10 computers located in the library can print to the circulation desk.

We hope you enjoy your new student space and would love to hear comments from you. Email or just stop by the Reference Desk and share your thoughts.