Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Filling Justice Souter's Seat

Filling Justice Souter's seat will be one of President Obama's biggest tasks, early in his Presidency. The following resources will enable you to follow the developments as they happen.

The Ninth Justice Blog: Provides news and analysis on the search to fill the Supreme Court Seat. You can also follow on Twitter at

Blogrunner's Supreme Court Topic Page: This site collects the most recent and influential stories and blog posts on the topic.

The New York Times Supreme Court Page, is another excellent resourse for information on the happenings at the United States Supreme Court.

For an excellent research guide on Supreme Court Nominations and the nomination process, I recommend the one created by the staff at the Georgetown University Law Library.

As always, SCOTUS Blog, will provide continuing coverage of the nomination process and all other Supreme Court related happenings.

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